Who Am I

I consider myself a Lifelong learner. I Always want to be involved in learning and currently I am about to embark on yet another rung on my learning ladder.
I have been an educator all my professional life and when I opted for early retirement, I returned to school and enroled in an MA Education programme which I have recently successfully completed and am now embarking on a Ph.D programme.

In addition, I am a wife, mother and grandmother who puts her family first and who has a passion for cooking and entertaining her family and friends. I love to travel to far off places to experience different landscapes, cultures, customs and food.  I think waterfalls are amazing examples of natural phenomena.  My love for teapots has inspired my passion for hosting tea parties with my those close to me.

Those close to me think I am ambitious, courageous and unconventional to be embarking on such a venture at this stage of my life. I have no other reason other than this is my way of keeping focused and it is enriching.  Is there anyone out there pursuing the same path that I am?  I don’t think I am alone on this path.


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